I am human – Anna Y.: Just Love (even) with a history of conflict in the background

I am human. My name is Anna Yona.

I was born in the country where 70 years ago being a Jew was a death sentence. My husband is Jewish. He comes from the country where Jews and Palestinians are killed almost on a daily basis.

I am Human - Anna Y


His mother was born in Bagdad. His grandmother walked to Israel on foot from Yemen. His parents spoke Arabic at home. Yet, hearing someone speak Arabic always triggers some sense of unrest and fear, due to the decades old conflict.

We love each other. Our kids are the proof that bridges of love are stronger than fear and hatred. They grow up in Germany. Their best friend is Moroccan. I am hoping that their world will remain intact for as long as possible…

I have told you my story. What is yours?

#IamHuman Anna Y.

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Santa and Anna


#IAmHuman_Humans first




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