#IamHuman – Birgit: Because we all feel happiness, sadness, anger and love.

I am human. My name is Birgit.

I am a female human. I´ve had the luck to grow up in this rich country called Germany. Whenever I travelled I met other humans all over the world. Most of them were very friendly, kind and helpful.


One of my duties on this earth seems to be a midwife, supporting and helping women through pregnancy, childbirth and childbed. One of my last findings is that our microbiom is seeded through that time and that it needs lots of different microbes to make the body function well. And I know that the microcosm is equal to the macrocosm. In other words: We need the diversity of all humans to be healthy as mankind.

I love to witness the very special and unique way of how each mother gives birth to her baby. And every mother and familiy need the same things: a few things to know, options for their choices, good support from friends and family, some professionals – and respect and love. It makes me really sad to see that we have so many technical advantages in medicine and seem to forget sometimes that we are not just machines that need to be fixed, but emotional and spiritual beings. Thank you for this campaign to connect us again. Because we all feel happiness, sadness, anger and love.

I have told you my story. What is yours?

#IamHuman Birgit

P.S. Want to know more about our #IAmHuman campaign and read other Human stories showing that we are different, unique and yet the same? Feel free to comment or tell us your own story in words, or a picture or video!


#IAmHuman_Humans first




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