#IAmHuman – Nada: compassion is stronger than fear

I am human. My name is Nada.
I come from Lebanon, a country suffering from everything, torn between Angels and Demons. To me we are all born human, but it’s about keeping this sense of humanity during our lifetime.

I am Human - Nada


My sense of humanity was purveyed to me by my father who taught me different ways to love and sacrifice.

I still vividly remember that scene, in Lebanon at war time, when I was just 10-11 years old. Dad was buying school books for his six children on credit because he didn’t have money until pay day and that lady (a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon) was paying her son’s books with coins taken from his piggy bank. At that moment my dad asked her to spare her money and asked the librarian to put the amount on his credit account. He thus bought books for seven instead of six children –  with no money and no fear.

That scene was one of the milestone in my way of thinking and feeling with others‘ needs and griefs. I took this approach to compassion from my dad and I followed his example in raising my kids, also in moments of their innocent refusal or wondering what I’m doing.

My own human stories are many but I chose this one:
How I enrolled three kids from Turkey in our Lebanese school system despite the illegality of this. When the employee told me that the law doesn’t allow foreigners or refugees without legal papers to attend our school system, I replied to him: the government has to apply the law on his frontiers or has to organise the entry of people to the country. Now, since they are here, we have to save them from being in the streets, helping them to be instructed, saving the country from three people who might be pushed to delinquency by wrongly applied law. Compassion is contagious!

I have told you my story – what is yours?

#IamHuman Nada


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