#IAmHuman – Philipp: Just a regular Nothern German guy

I am human. My name is Philipp.

I am real, I am here, I am. From am to pm.

Anna, you asked for my story: I am just a regular Northern German lad, one of many. I am not highly skilled in many things, my abilities in maths didn’t make it to more than primary school and home improvement is a tv show for me, no more. I am good at motivating and supporting others, because I have a strong will, a dirty sense of humor and I don’t save on personal commitment.


Like everyone else I had some good luck meeting the right people to create chances with. I could work several times abroad and made family and friends in many places, especially my French connections are very strong. I won’t conceal the fact I also had some bad luck meeting people who took chances. I have undergone a variety of personal experiences with harassment, abuse and violence. All experiences shaped me. And first and foremost I am very thankful for the unconditional love and support by my family through all times.

My story is about someone who came to see the world, saw many bright and shiny places as well as dark and shady ones. And still this someone believes in the good within every little thing and every little one. This story is still continuing…

I have told you my story. What is yours?

#IamHuman Philipp


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