#IAmHuman – Yvonne: dreaming of making a difference

I am human. My name is Yvonne,

Shia, owner of Wasteland Rebel blog, asked me to write my Human Story for the #IAmHuman campaign of Finding Sustainia. Shia wrote a pretty amazing article about how she worked her way up to prepare for a successful future. At the end of the journey she was disappointed about the destination she had reached after all her efforts and sacrifices and shifted her life like a girlboss!

I am Human_Yvonne

She quit her job at the office and did what made her happy! I am so inspired by her guts and willpower… I strongly believe that everybody should satisfy their own dream, not the ‘picture perfect’ like most people do.

Well then, here’s my Human Story:

My name is Yvonne, 34 years old and born and raised in The Netherlands. I have always been a girl who was questioning why things should be like ‘they say’. Who the hell are ‘they’? And why do ‘they’ get to say how and what we do? Why are people so judgemental and why do people have so much prejudices? As a young girl I had friends in every ‘section’ of the population, rich kids, friends from the so called ‘trailer trash park’, a friend called Rosendo who was a black kid and the sweetest guy ever, but my parents didn’t trust him. I could be so pissed about that, they didn’t even know him, so don’t judge! They only wanted to protect me, I totally understand that part now because I was young, but it seemed so unfair to me.

I still have a strong urge to defend the rebels, the ones who think and/or look different. I feel attracted by these kinds of people, because they have the guts to go their own way, instead of doing things the way everybody does them. There is nothing exciting about that. Why work your ass off to pay for a bigger house and a second car, while you don’t have the time to spend quality time with your family because you’re working all the time to pay for the expensive roof over their heads? Why do most people always want bigger, better and faster? To show your neighbor how much mortgage you can pay and drive an expensive car that isn’t yours, because you still have to pay the damn thing with way to much interest?

I really don’t think your kids will remember how hard you have worked to pay all the bills for the toys they enjoyed for a few weeks. I remember the times I have spent with my dad picking hazelnuts and the evenings I spent talking to my mum, who passed away far too early when I was only 17 years young.

My boyfriend and I are living in a normal house, but would love to move to a small cabin in the woods. My ultimate dream would be to have a job where I can make a difference, to live off grid, with solar power, a water source near home, a garden where our fruits and veggies will grow, some chickens and a compost toilet.

The reality is, that I have worked pretty hard all my life. I worked hard, because that is what makes me happy, but that is also what can drive me over the edge. It has been an interesting challenge all my life and it stopped me about a year ago. After several burnouts, I found myself with chronic headaches for the rest of my life. My chances to get a ‘proper’ job are almost nil (because who will hire me if they don’t know if I’m able to come to work tomorrow?) and I don’t have an income since 5 months. My own company/blog „Y Fair Productions“ is way too small to make a living, but is a lifesaver in this time of struggle, because it makes me feel useful for society. I’m in a battle for my future with the company I worked my ass off for the last 5,5 years, because they are doubting my illness. Believe me people, I would really rather work, than be laying on my couch at home, waiting for the pain to go away.

I will keep fighting for the future that I am entitled to and I will keep fighting for the outcast!

I have told you my story. What is yours?

#IamHuman Yvonne

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